Grizzly Basin Ranch is located in the beautiful East Kootenays of British Columbia Canada. 

The ranch is nestled in a valley along Hi-way #3 just  20 minutes east of Creston, British Columbia and one hour west of Cranbrook.  It's about 3 hours from the Alberta border and 5 hours from Kelowna B.C..

For folks travelling North from the USA, we are
1 1/2 hours North of Sandpointe Idaho in the Idaho Panhandle.  Once you hit the International Border, it's only a fifteen minute drive and you're here!

The ranch is 300 acres of rolling hills with creeks and meadows through-out.  A good portion of the property is hay field and pasture.  We have solid holding pens and corrals for outside mares and our own horses. 

The property is a haven for the wildlife as well.  It is common to see the moose in our swampy areas with their young in spring, and then in fall we often see the bulls in their rut.

The deer are a common site in the evenings and they can be seen often not even 100 feet away from the local black bears.

The name Grizzly Basin Ranch comes from the name given to the basin in the mountain above the ranch.  In this basin grizzlies  tend to be plentiful.

Even though there are bears, cougars, coyotes and the odd wolf in our backyard...Our horses have never had a bad experience with any of them.  We seem to cohabitate quite nicely.

There is lots to do here even if you're not a horsey person!

Visitors are always welcome!