Success Stories!

The Schubkegel's bought this young mare from us as a two year old and have done most of the work themselves.  They have turned our Britannica into a lovely performance partner! 
Britannica is out of out Premium mare Utopia by Beau Soleil. Pictures are of her first show!
GBR Ginger Snap

We are exceptionally proud of our little red headed mare Ginger! Michelle Anderson bought Ginger as a green 4 year old and has worked hard to acheive US Dressage Federation National Year End Awards in Training level competition.
Ginger is out of a Dutch mare by our own Fi's Tuxedo
Copper Tuxedo

Copper was purchased by Jessica Hartung as a yearling. Jessica started him herself and inbetween school priorities has trained this fine young horse to be a Hunter and In Hand Champion!
Copper is out of FF Gypsy STreak and by our own Fi's Tuxedo

                                                Assorted Chocolates

"Buddy" was purchased by my coach and good friend Maya Huppie and her husband Brian Huppie. Brian did a great job starting Buddy and as just a 4 year old, Buddy successfully competed at Anderson Ranch Jumper competitions winning ribbons in his classes being ridden by a 12 year old girl.  Buddy is out of Miss Time Flyer by Fi's Tuxedo
Buddy was sold late in his 4 yr old year as a successful young show jumper and we lost track of Buddy for several years and now he has resurfaced with tales to tell!
He had several fun names such as Boy Genius and Smarty, though his new owner, totally unaware, started calling him Buddy. Thanks to the internet she found his start with our website and realized his original barn name was Buddy!
His new owner is Ms. Gail Krempasky of California! She reports that Buddy has had a successful performance career including eventing and short stirrup division! Ms. Gail. is continueing to add to Buddy's resume as they are in a hunter program!

Thank you Gail for letting us know what had become of our Buddy horse! Gratefully, he's still of sound mind and body thanks to the obvious care of his previous owners and now will live out a happy useful life with a nice lady from California!

Chicago was sold in utero to Charmyn Harms and Tess Hardy. The girls trained this colt to do a number of tricks including a Spanish Walk. Then things got serious...The pic below is of Chicago winning his first mini event!
Chicago is out of Jillian's Whispering Prediction by Fi's Tuxedo
GB Lara

Lara was sent to the trainers as a dressage prospect. We found so much more! Lara was already a successful show jumper as a three year old. She was purchased by Becky Desmond and continued her successful ways! Lara now carries a young lady on the event course!
Lara is out of FF Gypsy STreak by Fi's Tuxedo

Mac was purchased in utero by Gabi Groth-Marnot. Mac was quite successful in the dressage ring.
Mac is out of Giddy Up (Godewind) by Fi's Tuxedo
Finest Feature

Finest Feature aka Goldie is already a success in hand winning 3rd place in the Dressage Two Yr old class at the BC Sport Horse and Sport Pony Club June 2010 show. Goldie started his winning ways with a Gold Medal at his RPSI inspection!

Goldie is out of Utopia by Fi's Tuxedo

Fantastik is also starting a successful inhand carreer winning 2nd place for 2 yr old Hunter class at the
BC Sport Horse and Sport Pony Club June 2010 Show.

Fantastik is out of Missoula by Fi's Tuxedo