The Bedazzled Horse
All kinds of horse themed items for your home or tack room!

First we have horseshoe decorations. Some are adorned with feathers all with beads and some with vintage centerpeices. They are the oldest good luck charms known to man! Ward off evil spirits! Hang a beautiful horse, open end up over your doorways.

Then we have the horse hair keychains/tassles. These are awesome little gift ideas for any horselover! Pick from our selection or have us make one in your favorite colors out of your own horses' tail hairs. Contact us for uptodate selections. You can use them as keychains or tassles. I'm putting one of my current riding horses' tail in my truck hanging from the rear view mirror.

Now we are offering blingy browbands! Get attention at the show or in your lessons with a super fancy and classy browband. We string the beads on heavy beading wire and then I hand sew the beads into place on a high quality padded leather browband. We offer straight or the popular U wave browband shapes.

Horseshoe decorations         Horse Hair Keychains                          Browbands
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