2013 Wrapped up
It was an exciting year filled with new challenges. This was Abba's first year showing under saddle and she did not dissapoint. It wasn't as simple as just a good horse with a decent rider. Let me share our year with you.
First we attended the Castlegar Dressage show June 15th. Chris Irwin was the judge and it was our very first competition under saddle. I was so happy with Abba's "been there done that" attitude. She was a star. She won two out of three of the well attended classes and score in the mid and high 60's. Not bad. Got some great feedback and definately came away with some new goals...
June 22 & 23 was the BC Sport Horse show at Cloverdale. One of our favorite venues. Such nice people and great competition. Our aim here was the Junior Horse Under Saddle series. We had to compete in English Pleasure, Hunter and Dressage suitablity classes. There is a fourth class in the series that involves a little 2'3" jump and we, well, I, am not ready for that. As it turned out, I tore a groin muscle and was riding in excruciating pain. Despite my obvious weakness, my good mare never took advantage of me. She took care of me and went on to win Reserve Junior Horse Under Saddle Champion. We even won the Dressage suitability class.
Because of my groin injury. We were unable to compete in the USDF classes as planned. We missed the competition and seeing how we stack up against all the folks specifically training dressage. Abba got some time off and as a four year old, that's probably not a bad thing.
Once we got back on track and riding again, we took as many lessons as we could with my regular lady Maya Huppie. Maya is an awesome coach and she just sets you up so nice. We only had a few weeks before the September BC Sport horse show, so we needed all the help we could get. So with only 5 weeks of real riding before the show, we loaded up and travelled the 10 trip once again. This time, we had our eye on not only the second go of the Junior Horse Under Saddle series, but also the Trophy classes... In order to compete in those classes we had to enter a regular halter class. So we entered a few and Abba won first place senior dressage mare, Champion overall dressage mare, Reserve champion Hunter mare.
Then she went on to win the Dragon Fly Acres 4yr/o Hunter under Saddle Trophy!
The next day she again won Junior Horse under saddle Reserve Champion.
The best part was that she did it all with a smile on her face! I love this mare.
After a tough show season with great results we kept training.
We took the Jessica Wisdom clinic early October and then rode with Marion O'Connor of Cocolalla Creek Sport Horses.
Learning lots. Now as I update this in early December we have snow and ice on the ground and we are waiting for spring and better footing!

Our little mare Gucci is doing well as well. She's not going to any shows anytime soon with her neck injury from last year leaving permanent damages. But she's looking good, sassy as ever, and we plan to breed her to Abba's sire next year.