2008 RPSI Inspection!

September 24th 2008
Many thanks to all the folks who attended to help, watch, and the breeders who support the breeding of fine warmblood horses! This year we had not one, but two Gold Medal foals!! Way to go guys!
Gold Medal foal by Dr.Pepper owned by Lisa White, Cranbrook.
This is Finest Feature...Also a Gold Medal foal. This colt is by Fi's Tuxedo out of the Swiss bred mare Utopia owned by Grizzly Basin Ranch, Yahk
This filly is Reflection by Amadeus owned by Jonelle and Cody Bebee of Creston.
This is Rockefellar...He's by Radikal (Rubenstien/Weltmeyer) out of Davada owned by Grizzly Basin Ranch, Yahk
And here is Fantastik! By Fi's Tuxedo out of Trak mare Missoula owned by
Grizzly Basin Ranch,Yahk
Below we have Herr Otto Schalter of Germany. Herr Schalter is the official inspector for all RPSI horses in Europe as well as in North America
Video of the inspection available by contacting Grizzly Basin Ranch